“The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro
is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.


“In terms of natural wonders, there is little in the southern
Mediterranean to rival Montenegro’s fjord. The part of the
Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.

Financial Times

The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took
place at the Montenegrin littoral

Lord Byron

Herceg Novi

As a kind of crossroads of East and West, Herceg Novi was exposed to the influence of Christianity and Islam.
Such a historical interweaving, diverse cultures and religions, with primeval beauty, led to a unique synthesis of different styles.
On the ground of Herceg Novi took turns different civilizational and cultural legacies, leaving a deep imprint on the present appearance of Herceg Novi.

Throughout its long and turbulent history, the town of Herceg Novi looked like constantly competing with nature to create timeless natural and artistic beauty, which is very fraught.

In the municipality of Herceg sacred monuments are number one in real monumental fund this region and not just by number but also the territorial distribution of cultural and historical value. In fact of 342 immovable cultural monuments on the territory of Montenegro in Herceg Novi municipality are 89 of them. Savina Monastery is located 2 km east of Herceg Novi in the lush Mediterranean vegetation. One of the best examples of baroque architecture in the Adriatic. It consists of three churches: the small church of Sv. Save (15th century) which is situated on the hill which bears the name, the little church of the Dormition of the Virgin (15th century-according to some sources, the construction of this church began in the 11th century) and large church Dormition of the Virgin (built by renowned architect Nicholas Foretić - Korculanin in 18th century).

From other sites it is important to mention the following: Espanola which was built during the Ottoman rule in the 15th and 16 century, but got her name from the Spaniards who were involved in its construction during one year of reign, Kanli Tower, which dates from the Turkish period (16th century), was a prison (hence its name in Turkish and means "Bloody Tower"), in 1966 was reconstructed in one of the most beautiful summer theaters in the Adriatic with over 1000 seats and of course the Clock Tower was built in 1667 by order of Sultan Mahmud I, which is located in the center of the old town of Herceg Novi and makes it unique place in Adriatic coast.

If the attractiveness of tourist destinations is valued for their picnic and swimming areas and beaches, then we can say that Herceg-Novi has the advantage over other centers in its neighboring countries. Of the most important resorts that you should visit are the following: ROSE-small fishing village on the northwest coast of the peninsula Luštica, opposite Herceg Novi, located 1.7 nautical miles. Rose is a typical Mediterranean town with houses that are tight and lined on waterfront. ŽANJICE - South from Rose, at a distance of about 2.7 nm from Herceg Novi, a very attractive bay Žanjica, the ambiance of old olive trees, lush vegetation and the azure blue sea. The beach in the cove is protected from the strong shock waves cape Arza, the lenght is over 300 m and 15 m wide, with white pebbles and it can accommodate over 1000 swimmers. MIRIŠTE-is an inseparable part of this landscape, situated between the bay and Cape Arza and Žanjica, preceded by a small island Žanjica-opens its doors, after which the beach was named. The island is also called Little Lady, and today there is the monastery-church of the Presentation of the Virgin. BLUE CAVE-the most beautiful, most attractive and certainly the most interesting natural product of its kind in the entire Mediterranean. It is located on the peninsula Lustica between Golden Harbour and Cape Wet mountain, located about 5.6 nautical miles from Herceg Novi. Under the High Cliff about 30 meters there was a cave with two openings, known for its tourist name Blue Grotto, and it is one of a series of bays Dobreč to Trašte bay.

Whoever drew near Herceg Novi left it with blinded souls, it was the inspiration of poets and to others an unforgettable experience.
One is, indeed, certain: The more often you're met with Herceg-Novi, all the closer you will feel it ...